Accounting services

General administration services to run your daily business encompassing:

  • Human resources services: AVS, LPP, LAA, salary slips.
  • Real estate servicing: maintenance services, collecting rent, tenancy management, payment to suppliers.
  • Domiciliation of companies: registration and postal forwarding services.

Translation services: English/French/Spanish

Swiss Naturalization / Swiss Residence

  • Executing administrative procedures, interview preparation and other formalities

Other services upon request

Mission statement

Partnership: To develop close, mutually productive relationships with our clients, supporting them with their daily tasks.

Integrity: To always operate in a manner that is honest, fair, loyal, reliable and professional.

Accountability: To take responsibility and ownership in every decision made.

Strive for simplicity: To stop processes, procedures and activities that are cumbersome or do not add value.

Passion : To be committed in heart and mind.

Respect: To be engaged in the protection of the planet.

Ambition: To be the best in what we do.